E.D.S Atlantic Challenge

E.D.S Atlantic Challenge

Challenge The Odds And Win.

Where To Stay When Following The Race

A very good idea would be to visit the Archipelago of the Azores. It is made up of 9 volcanic islands. Not only is it ideally situated along the route but it is a magnificent destination. Accommodation of Flores is highly recommended. Home to 9 lakes and many waterfalls Flores is the epitome of tranquility. The Islands terrain consists both of high peaks and deep valleys. There are cliffs and lagoons and old volcanoes. There are plenty of natural hot springs and an abundance of wild flowers. Pink and blue hydrangeas can be seen decorating the land. The island was named accordingly.


Your choice of accommodation styles are extremely varied. The small village of Aldeia da Cuada offers you the feel of local life and a sea view at the same time. The village was largely abandoned in the 60′s when many of the Azores inhabitants emigrated to the New World. Remaining of this small and quaint village are 14 stone cottages of rural design. Although original, the cottages comply with all modern safety regulations and are thus perfectly safe and comfortable accommodation. They each contain a kitchen, a bathroom and large bedrooms. The setting is idylic just 2km from the  seaside town of Faja Grande. Read more »

The Challenge

The E.D.S Atlantic Challenge is one of the most anticipated sailing challenges, it is a race of extreme conditions, extreme machines and is run by some of the most extreme men and woman the planet has ever known. The choice of equipment for this racing event are known as open 60′sThe Challenge and are known for their speed(over 30 knots) and lightweight construction, lending themselves to the extreme conditions they face.These boats are not your average yacht, nor can they be sailed by any sailor, in fact they carry enough sail to power yachts 3 or 4 times their size and weight.  They’re not made of light weight fiberglass either, their form is pure design and has one thing in mind, pure unadulterated speed. Read more »

Hosting a Sailing Event

There are international and national sailing events that both enthusiasts and professionals can participate in. If you are planning for an outdoor event that will attract people to help you reach your specific objective, you may consider hosting a local sailing competition. If this is your first time hosting such event, here are some tips that could help make it a success.

Determine Your Objective

What is your main goal for setting up this event?  Is it to promote a specific product, raise awareness on a specific issue, earn money or raise funds for charity? This is important as you would need this information in all aspects of preparing the event. For instance, if you are raising money for a charitable organization, the participants and audience must learn about this cause.

Who Is Your Target Audience

Since this is a sailing event, your target audience is most probably individuals who are into sailing. They don’t necessarily need to be sail racing professionals. If this is a friendly competition to raise awareness or gather money for a good cause, even those who sail as a recreational activity or hobby could join in. Moreover, everyone who may be willing to join in the said cause may also attend the event, watch the race and cheer on the participants.

Choose a Theme

Having a particular theme also adds fun to the event. Decide on what theme you would like to work on as foods and decors should be associated with the chosen theme.

Set the Schedule and Decide on the Venue

There should be ample time for you to promote the event so that you can reach all your target audience. Moreover, the chosen date and time should be convenient for the participants and those who will be watching so they could attend without any problems. Since most people don’t have work and school on weekends, it might be ideal to set the event during those days. Since this is a sailing event, the venue should be a place that is good for sailing. Get necessary permits for the venue in advance.

Know Your Budget

Every event has a specific budget. You should know how much you can spend from the start so you can work on it properly and avoid going over your funds. Without this, you could spend a fortune on the event, which could affect its overall success.

Work on the Event Details

Plan and work on the event details. This include the foods that will be prepared for the guests, hosts for the event, sound system, designs and decors, tables and chairs for the spectators, awards for the participants and winner and marketing materials such as flyers and banners.

Set Up a Day Before the Event

Setting up the venue a day in advance is ideal so you could immediately work on any issues that may come up. With this, there’s a bigger chance that the actual event would flow smoothly.

Since setting up the venue may require reaching higher areas like when hanging banners and decors, you may want to consider using a boom lift. You have the option to buy or rent quality used boom lifts, if you’re concerned of the cost. Compare the prices of these broom lifts here to get the finest product at the most affordable cost.

How to Choose an RC Sailboat

Sailing on a boat is a hobby to some people. It can be relaxing enjoying the waters away from the crowd. Some take it to the next level and participate in sailing events where they race and complete against other participants. Professional players even compete on national and international games. Some of the popular sailing competitions include the Olympic Games, ISAF World Cup and ISAF Youth Worlds.

If you are a beginner in sailing, you may compete on local events then move to regional events once you gain the needed experience. What if you enjoy watching sailing events but you are not good in sailing? You can still watch the event and cheer for your favorite team. If you’re really interested, you may start with the basics and keep on practicing. You might be able to compete in the future once you’re ready.

If you’re really interested in sailing but you can’t try the real thing for some reason, the next best thing is to have an RC sailboat. You can control it using the transmitter and make it move on the waters like you’re a real pro. In case you decide to get one, here are some tips on how to choose an RC sailboat that you can play while still deciding if you wish to try the real thing. Besides, there are also RC sailboat racing competitions that you can join.

Type of Sailboat

There are RC sailboats designed to be played by kids on the pool for fun. Hobbyists on the other hand purchase more powerful ones that come with more features. They are of course more expensive than the basic toys that you usually buy for kids to play. If you would like to build your own RC sailboat, you may also find manufacturers that sell parts, which you can assemble yourself.


These RC sailboats come in varying sizes. From smaller ones that can be played on pools to bigger toys that work great in the ocean. If you’re thinking of getting a large one, you should also consider the available space on your car.


They also come in varying cost. The best way to get quality RC sailboats at the most reasonable price is to search around and compare. With this, you would know the price range of the boat that you wish to buy and decide which to purchase.

Other RC Toys to Consider

Aside from sailboats, there are also other RC toys that you can try. If you are into watercrafts, you may consider getting an RC power boat or even an RC submarine. Toy classes are cheaper but if you become a serious hobbyist, there are toys that would suit your preferences.

If you want a flying RC toy, you may get an RC helicopter. To get the best RC helicopter you may read some reviews on the top picks from trusted sites, as well as look around and do a comparison. Reliable RC helicopter reviews will give you more information about the toy’s features, advantages and disadvantages. This could help you in making a sound decision.

Getting Ready to Set Sail This Summer

Summer is here and things are moving fast. Among the most awaited events of the summer was the Bras d’Or Lakes regatta. It had more than 40 yachts participating. Yachtsmen and spectators from all over the world came in, sailed and had fun. Unfortunately, something came up at work and we were not able to attend. It would have been fun. However, it was not meant to be. Just days before the trip and emergency situation at the office arrived, leaving my family and I unable to push through with our sailing expedition.

A multi-leg regatta, the Bras d’Or Lakes is more commonly known as the “Race the Cape” regatta. It normally has three legs and offers unique twists and turns on the island but with different kinds of dangers. This year’s race was supposed to have five legs which would have challenged a sailor’s skills and patience. I’ve already listed down a few of my favorites from the 41 participants in this year’s race. Some of the participants were from Nova Scotia, others from Virginia and some were from New Brunswick. Last year, the overall winning team was the Juvenile Delinquent of Halifax. I heard that they will be coming back this year to defend their title.

My family is more than disappointed over this missed opportunity to travel and sail, but I had an idea to make it up to them. A colleague had long been offering the use of his beach house in Argentina. This place has great beaches and the weather is divine. We’ve never been to this part of the world before and a sailing adventure within our South America tours will be the perfect way to make it up to them. While there, we can enjoy the beach and surf, jetski, windsail or do a dragon boat race. My family is very athletic and any water sport or activity is of interest to them.

Additionally, I’ve heard that there are some great dive and snorkeling spots in South America. This is something that my youngest daughter is into and she’ll have a great time with everyone during this holiday. I’m already booking this trip as I post this blog update.

Caring for and Storing Your Sailboat

A boat, regardless of whether it is a speedboat or a sailboat can still be considered as a big investment. It also requires a lot of time and love to care for and maintain. Like horses that need to be groomed after a long, hard run, a boat also needs to be rubbed down and cleaned after each and every use. The parts also need to be checked carefully for seaworthiness, especially if you’re joining a race or regatta. Before the competition, all of the parts are checked, cleaned, oiled and tested. Naturally, the owners want their boats to be in good racing form. The last thing anyone wants is to have a broken sail or rudder and be forced to drop out of the competition.

There are simple ways to care for your boats on ordinary days. Some seasoned boat hands will say to use a simple vinegar solution to clean. This they say, counteracts the salt and will keep the hull of your boat from eroding or the paint from peeling. Another thing that you must do is make sure to get rid of the old and musty smell from the boat. This smell can be attributed to mold or wooden parts or the boat that had been soaked in water and was not able to dry out.

Here’s a good tip to counteract this: wrap a bag of soap in a towel or dishcloth and store it in strategic corners of your boat while in storage. This will remove the musty smell and keep the boat smelling fresh. Of course, you have to remove these when you take the boat out and gear up for the race.

Additionally, you can extend the life of your boat by storing it in a safe, dry place. Yes, you should store your boat when it’s not in use. Ocean freight containers are very sturdy and spacious enough to store a boat. These are second hand containers that can be bought affordably. They lock in very tightly and will spare your boat from the harsh elements and damage especially when there’s a storm brewing.

Sailing as a Stress Reliever

These days when people across the globe spend most of their time working, they rarely have free times to indulge in leisurely activities, which at times lead to stress. Stress can cause serious health conditions, which is why medical experts recommend that busy people take a break once in a while. Weekends are supposed to be used as days for complete relaxation. Because the normal work days do not seem enough for busy people, they tend to forget about their leisure times and most times work the whole week.

It is proven that people who engage in sports and outdoor hobbies are more likely to value their leisure time. Since they are so into their hobbies, they find the time to indulge in them. There are hobbies that could be done even inside the house, but most people love activities that have something to do with nature. Trekking, mountain climbing, and sailing are just a few examples of outdoor activities that requires a lot of travel time, especially if the hobbyist lives in the city.

Trekkers and mountain climbers are always seen carrying a huge backpack. All of their things and necessities for their whole adventure are placed inside that big, heavy bag. Walking while carrying a heavy baggage is already a difficult task. But for trekking enthusiasts, their hobby makes it doubly difficult, but still enjoyable. While carrying the bag, they also need to follow difficult trails, making the whole adventure more challenging.

Sailing on the other hand, is much more difficult than anyone can imagine. Controlling the sails alone takes a lot of effort, strength and stamina. But sailing is seasonal. It is dependent on the weather. It involves some risk every time the boat is in the water, and doubly so when inclement weather occurs.

Most sailing enthusiasts, especially the city dwellers prefer to rent a sailboat instead of getting one of their own. Of course there are those that have the budget and the facilities to buy their own sailboat. While some sailboat owners live near the water, some live someplace else, in which case they opt to get storage container rentals to store their sailing equipment, supplies and other paraphernalia, to keep everything safe and orderly in one place. This website offers plenty of storage container rentals and various services. Sailboats can fit inside a storage container when disassembled.  A 40-foot storage container rental like the one featured on this website is the most typical size used for keeping sailboats. 

Sailboats are very expensive and should not be left unattended. They require a lot of care and maintenance. It is just a like a home. If there is no one to take care of it, it starts to deteriorate. If the sailboat is not to be used for a long time as the owner is busy with his working life, then it is best to have it disassembled and stored properly and securely, ready to be used the next time around.

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Boat

Who needs a beauty that has noticeable flaws? Boats are million dollar babies that, if left on their own for a long time, will be reduced to poor, unappealing paupers. If you own a boat, you need to show it some love every now and then if you want to keep it in its top shape. Don’t be like the Norwegian sailor who was apparently so rich he forgot he owned a $100k yacht. This baby was left to float on its own for two years on a Swedish marina.

Not all of us are as rich as this man, so here are essential tips in maintaining your boat:

1. Wash boat after every use. This is a no-brainer but many sailors still forget or simply neglect this. As with cars, yachts accumulate a lot of dirt after every use. This dirt can threaten the beauty of the painting of the yacht. So better wash your boat with freshwater after you use it. You can use the best electric power washers to help you (more info: http://www.powerwasherreport.com/review-of-campbell-pressure-washer/). Check out power washer reviews to get the best here.

2. Wax your boat. Gelcoats are like skin of your boat. It collects dirt, oil, slime, and grease over time, especially after a long break during winter. As the gelcoats become more porous as it grows older, more dirt accumulates. Washing and waxing your boat will remove the dirt and make your boat look brand new. Make sure to look for washing and waxing products that will attain the best results such as the 3M Marine Liquid Wax and Collinite Liquid Fleetwax 870.

3. Repaint the bottom of the yacht every year. Ever heard of “planktons”? These are animals and plants that float underwater and can get really annoying for sailors. They cling unto your boat’s bottom and stay there no matter what, unless you make an effort to remove them. These floating thingies like algae, slime, barnacles, and worms can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your boat, which leads to an increase of fuel use. With the price of fuel nowadays, nobody wants that. If not removed, they may also cause permanent damage to your boat. What you can do is to apply anti-fouling paint on your boat’s bottom every year. This will cost a bit of fortune, but it’s absolutely necessary.

4. Replace the sails of sailboats every three to five years. Sails are like the tires of a car; if you don’t drive a lot, the tires will last longer. If you sail hard against the wind frequently, you need to keep in mind that your sail may be sustaining damages and/or its quality may be reduced faster over time. It is recommended to replace sails every three years or so, but it depends on its state. Check your sails for any sign of wear and tear like cracks, less stiffness, more stretchy, and bagging out when the wind blows against it. If you see these signs, it might be time to replace the old man. 

The Need for Forklifts

There are a lot of reasons why people are into sailing competitions. Aside from the fact that it is just so much fun, it requires special skills that not all people possess. If you signed up for this year’s regatta, you might just be so excited to get into the boat and sail away. However, just before you do so, you might face certain problems that could possibly keep you from enjoying the experience.

There are a lot of possible problems that you may face, which can all be solved with the aid of one of the forklifts that the organizers of the event have provided for the exclusive use of the entrants.

Unloading and Loading of Items

As many competition veterans know, joining a competition requires a lot of gear. If you’re sailing anything bigger than a dinghy, you’re bound to need considerable gear. If your entering a yacht race, you have to think about the needs of your crew too. You want to have a good time, as well as make good time during the race. So you definitely need a lot of stuff with you, from safety gear, navigation tools, and creature comforts when you’re in the open water. Packing all that into a crate makes transporting your stuff easier, and a forklift would make unloading your cargo it and bringing it to your vessel a breeze.

Plowing the Snow

There’s nothing worse than getting snowed in when all you want is to get on the water. Unfortunately, that’s always a possibility in these parts. Sometimes, it’s your front door, other times it’s your car that gets buried in snow. If you are in a hurry, then this could be a big problem. You would have to shovel the snow out of the car until it is already movable, and this could take a very long time. This is where forklifts come in handy, because they come with accessories and attachments that turn them into snowplows in a snap. It won’t even take several minutes before snow is all cleared is done. Then, you can go and head for the marina.

Keeping a Contact Number for Forklift Service

The examples presented so far have shown how the event organizers anticipate the needs of the race participants. You never know when you would need the assistance of a forklift. So it is important for you to keep the contact number of the liaison group so you can easily avail of any of these services, just so you can get help when you need it. When you register for any of the categories in the regatta, you’ll be provided with a racer’s kit which includes all the contact numbers that you need.

If you are a race organizer and wish to read more about getting forklifts for a similar event in your neck of the woods, you can browse through a forklift buyer’s guide — check this out. On the other hand, if you want to take a closer look at The Forklift Center, then visit http://www.theforkliftcenter.com/

Participate in Our Regatta Next Month!

We will be holding a yacht racing event next month here in the city. We encourage yacht racing enthusiasts from all over the city and beyond to join the event. The proceeds from the yacht racing event will be donated to a charity that gives aid to people who need plastic surgery because of genetic deformities, accidents, etc. Not only will you have a great time racing when you join the event, you will also be of great help to the many people out there who are unable to afford reconstructive surgery.

To promote the event, a number of notable personages will be attending it. One of these personages happens to be Elmer Landis, a three-time champion of the America’s Cup. Since Landis retired from professional yacht racing, he has focused on philanthropy work. The foundation he set up collaborates with other charities in order to provide aid to beneficiaries much more effectively. Here’s what Landis has to say about the event:

“Whether you are an experienced yacht racer or a newbie, I highly urge you to join our racing event next month. The money raised through the event will benefit so many people from all over the world. I’ve already talked to a couple of plastic surgeons from both Atlanta and Calgary, and they have agreed to provide free rhinoplasty and other forms of reconstructive surgery to disadvantaged people through our help (click here for more information on the rhinoplasty Atlanta surgeons perform/click here for more information on the form of rhinoplasty Calgary surgeons perform). So many people with genetic deformities, as well as people who have gotten into terrible disfiguring accidents, are unable to afford reconstructive surgery; because of this, they are unable to live their lives to the fullest. They need our help.”

The regatta will be held over the course of three days. The first day will be for a racing event that only newbies can enter, while the second day will be for a racing event only experienced yacht racers can enter. As for the third and final day, it will be for a free-for-all racing event. Also, a live concert will be held on the last night of the event. One of the performers at the event will be Canadian rapper, Dreykz. Dreykz, in addition to being a famous rapper, also happens to be a yacht racing enthusiast. He is also going to join the racing event, so fans of the rapper need to make it a point to attend it.

If you have plans next month, cancel them if they are unimportant! You need to attend our yacht racing event. We guarantee that you are going to have a grand time there. More than 1,000 attendees have already bought tickets to the event, so you can really expect it to be one of the most fun racing events you’ll ever attend in your life. Mass racing competitions are very rare; we can go as far as say that our competition is a once in a lifetime event. Go to our website now and buy tickets!

Living Cheap On a Boat Long Term

Most people can do nothing more than dream and fantasize about living on a boat full time and sailing in and out of whichever harbor they wish, as free as a bird. They get weighed down with issues such as the cost of living and the logistics and they write it off as too hard before they have even started. How much do you think this lifestyle can really be had for? Read on to find out.

Now the first thing you will need is a boat. That’s a no brainer right, but you may be surprised to know that you can get a boat much cheaper than you may think. The key is to look around some marinas and get to know a few local boaters and ask around. You can easily buy a boat for under $1000 that you can fix up a little and have it ready to go very fast without spending too much extra on it. It goes without saying that the more you spend the better boat you can readily buy but there is certainly a boat for everyone’s budget that can serve as a long term home.

To power your boat you will use a generator, solar panels or wind turbines. To start out with, the best option is going to be generator and you can pick these up really cheaply and $100 will get started here. The main idea here is to just run your generator enough to keep your battery bank powered up, which probably means something like 1 hour each day.

As far as parking is concerned, you are generally free to anchor wherever you want so you can save money here buy just using a dinghy and a throwing a bicycle in there so you can get to the marina and then get around town easily. If you want to pay a little money you can rent a spot on the mooring fields which will range in price but will generally be around $250 to $500 a month for a spot to tie up and access to showers etc.

Your budget for food and entertainment will depend on your lifestyle but you can easily get away with $300 to $500 a month for fuel and food if you make an effort to live on the cheap. You can also fish if you would like to save more money but it’s cheap enough to live off simple foods that don’t cost too much.

Depending on the size of the boat you buy, you can even set up a home office. There are a number of people that work online jobs almost full time from their boats and they have everything they need on board from fully functioning offices with computers, digital copiers like this, and even workshop machines such as air compressors, so it’s really worth noting that the set up of your boat is only limited by your imagination.

If you would prefer to just save up and take a holiday however, once you buy your boat and get everything set up you can live the life of a free nomadic boat traveler for around $5,000 for 6 to 7 months which is a great long term break from regular life….. That’s if you ever decide to go back!

The Inlanders Guide For Enjoying Saling Events

Many people that think of sailing often picture relaxing on the deck of a luxurious boat and enjoying the rock of the soothing waves under the hull. However, there are many events and races that are often televised and attended by thousands of people. The only problem is, those of you who are inlanders might find it a little bit difficult to enjoy the event in its full potential. Fret not. There are ways you can bring the experience right to your doorstep, literally! If you enjoy watching the pros do their thing on deck of their beautiful vessels in a crowd of people, you might want to host an event at your home! With that in mind there are a few basic things you will need to do before sending out those invites.

The Food

The great thing about sailing events is that the party can have an outcome similar to that of a football party, with food, beer and bets, or, it can be a small, quaint get together, depending on your personal preferences. No matter what you decide, you will want to ensure to provide your guests with suitable foods and beverages. If on a tight budget, ask the guests to bring a small side dish or entrée that can be shared amongst everyone that is attending. This is also a great way to provide variety and you get to sample your friend’s recipes!  

The Beverages

Nothing beats having a few ice cold beers with your buddies as you watch your favourite team battle it out in the waters while enjoying the great outdoors and everything that nature has to offer in your backyard. Too often we are so engaged in meeting deadlines and to do lists that we forget to appreciate the little things in life. If you going to bring your kids along, don’t forget soft drinks and cordial for the kids! They will be spending a lot of time outdoors, running around and playing with their friends so plenty of fluids to keep them adequately hydrated.

Be Prepared

With multiple people it could get difficult to keep up with the supply and demand, not to mention the mess that is created. If you wish to keep a tidy house and potentially refrain from ruining the white carpet, try to keep the party outside, limiting traffic in and out of the house also limits the mess and the risk of damaging property. Really, there is not much reason anyone should need to go inside the house unless it is for bathroom breaks. In this case you might wish to rent a porta potties, click here to find some great deals. They are fairly inexpensive and will save you a lot of hassle on the clean up.     As you can see, although disconnected from the waters you don’t have to be disconnected from the vibe that comes with watching a sport in a group of people. As a bonus, those people will all be friends and family!

Regatta, Ahoy!

This year’s EDS Atlantic Challenge is going to be bigger than anything that we’ve ever done in the previous years. Newport is humming with barely contained energy — every street, every nook and cranny abuzz with all the preparations for the much awaited sailing event.

And it’s all coming together…


Thousands are flocking to Newport for this year’s races, and all those people are going to need places to stay. There are a lot of bed and breakfast inns that are a stone’s throw away from the water, and many others not so far away. The rest of the town has also come together in support of its biggest event of the year which attracts the most number of tourists who bring in some much needed revenue. Many residents have agreed to open their homes and their guest bedrooms to sailors and sailing fans and groupies.


New England is the country’s seafood capital and it’s only right that local chefs come out and show off their best seafood dishes. The town’s guests can look forward to some superb chowder and lobster dishes. There’s even some buzz that there are going to be culinary showdowns when the races are done for the day.

Support Services

With the sheer number of people coming in for the regatta. Tourists and guests can rest assured that there will be people to attend to their needs, whatever they may be.

The marina and the surrounding areas are going to be packed. There has to be a corresponding bump in security. The mayor has requested reinforcements from the police and Coast Guard forces in the neighboring towns for crowd control, and boat traffic. The organizers are also flying in a team of locksmiths. Winchester Locksmiths is one of the better specialists in this field, they will be working to install special locking devices to secure the vessels to the docks

There will also be increased medical personnel on standby. The local hospitals are setting up satellite ER’s in strategic areas so people get access to emergency medical services as soon as possible. For the duration of the event, there will also be more lifeguards on the shore and on boats will be on the lookout for people falling overboard and similar mishaps.

Bit by bit, everything is falling in place. We only have a few weeks to go, and it’ll be truly awesome by then!

Sailing Equipment You Need to Ship in a Cargo for an Enjoyable Trip

When you have rented a yacht for sailing or you own a yacht, but in another place, the first thing that you need to do is to gather the equipment that you need. You can’t just stay on a yacht for a day or so without doing fun activities. Therefore, to ensure that you will maximize your time in the open sea, you have to bring the necessary equipment with you.

If the place where the yacht is located is quite far from your house, you definitely have to put the items on a cargo and have them delivered to the place. If you are taking a plane, you might spend a lot for excess baggage. On the other hand, if you buy or rent a cargo container, everything will be ready as soon as the trip begins.

Equipment to Bring for the Sailing Trip

1. Snorkeling equipment. You need to bring the snorkeling gear and snorkeling mask. If there are other items that are necessary for snorkeling, you have to bring them as well. This will allow you to enjoy the area where your yacht has docked.
2. Raft tubes and inflators. If you wish to be out of the yacht for a while without necessarily being on the water, then you can use the raft. You just have to make sure that the inflator is with you so the raft can be used. Just make sure that before you get out of the yacht, the area is totally safe for rafting.
3. Sailboat ladder. If you are bringing your kids with you during the trip, they will most likely want to swim on the open seas. However, since a yacht is too high, they tend to jump just to get out. As a result, they get injured. This is why you have to bring the ladder so they can easily go in and out of the yacht for swimming without getting hurt.
4. Store hammock. This is perfect if you wish to organize the items that you have brought with you well. This is a huge container that will keep all the items that are not originally in the yacht. When it is time to sail, these items will already be out of your way.

Safety Tips During the Sailing Trip

Aside from the equipment that can be used for fun, you should also bring the necessary items should emergency cases happen. These items should all be included on the cargo container. First of all, you need a first aid kit. It contains everything that you need when someone gets injured or suffer from a sickness. It must also contain a VHF radio so you can ask for help from anyone on land. Other items to fight seasickness, hypothermia and heat stroke should also be brought. Also, floating devices must be carried should anything go wrong with the yacht along with repair tools.

If you wish to easily ship the items that you need for the trip, you can contact Cargo Container Sales USA. They provide the cheapest cargo containers in the USA with a bunch of choices depending on what you need.