E.D.S Atlantic Challenge

E.D.S Atlantic Challenge

Challenge The Odds And Win.

Where To Stay When Following The Race

A very good idea would be to visit the Archipelago of the Azores. It is made up of 9 volcanic islands. Not only is it ideally situated along the route but it is a magnificent destination. Accommodation of Flores is highly recommended. Home to 9 lakes and many waterfalls Flores is the epitome of tranquility. The Islands terrain consists both of high peaks and deep valleys. There are cliffs and lagoons and old volcanoes. There are plenty of natural hot springs and an abundance of wild flowers. Pink and blue hydrangeas can be seen decorating the land. The island was named accordingly.


Your choice of accommodation styles are extremely varied. The small village of Aldeia da Cuada offers you the feel of local life and a sea view at the same time. The village was largely abandoned in the 60′s when many of the Azores inhabitants emigrated to the New World. Remaining of this small and quaint village are 14 stone cottages of rural design. Although original, the cottages comply with all modern safety regulations and are thus perfectly safe and comfortable accommodation. They each contain a kitchen, a bathroom and large bedrooms. The setting is idylic just 2km from the  seaside town of Faja Grande. Read more »

The Challenge

The E.D.S Atlantic Challenge is one of the most anticipated sailing challenges, it is a race of extreme conditions, extreme machines and is run by some of the most extreme men and woman the planet has ever known. The choice of equipment for this racing event are known as open 60′sThe Challenge and are known for their speed(over 30 knots) and lightweight construction, lending themselves to the extreme conditions they face.These boats are not your average yacht, nor can they be sailed by any sailor, in fact they carry enough sail to power yachts 3 or 4 times their size and weight.  They’re not made of light weight fiberglass either, their form is pure design and has one thing in mind, pure unadulterated speed. Read more »

My Friend’s New Boat

My friend recently invested in a new boat. He had always wanted one and after coming into retirement it seemed like the appropriate time to treat himself. His wife regarded it as  "new toy". But really, it was much more than that. To him, it was the realization that he had worked hard for many years, put his kids through college, and taken care of his family. It was now time for him to enjoy the benefits of his hard work. In other words… maybe it was a "new toy" but wasn't he entitled to at least one toy? Albeit a big one that sails… He thought so. What he wasn't prepared for was treating his "new toy" with as much care and responsibility as he had everything else in his life. Excitement seemed to have gotten the better of him! 
He and his new boat were inseparable. He couldn't help but take his new friends for "tours" of his new boat. He cleaned her daily, kept her well in-tact and locked her up at night. What he didn't realize in the excitement of his new "toy" was just how simple it was to lose her. Locking her up was by far the most important part of his ritual. Putting down the anchor and securing her in the Marina was an obvious necessity. Unfortunately for my new friend he lost his keys a few weeks after purchasing the boat. After touring his new friends around it one night and kicking back a few beers, he realized the keys he had lost also included the keys to his boat. He assumed the anchor was down and hoped that the Marina would be safe enough to leave the boat unsecured for the night. 

The problem with this decision was that the boat's anchor was not down. Come the next morning the boat had decided to drift out on its own. He inevitably got the boat back but suffered a minor "panic" in the process! Had he simply called a locksmith Northampton employee to replace his keys and create back-up copies he would have never had to feel that sense of loss… despite it being short-lived. Luckily for him the waves weren't so rough that night and his new "toy" was towed back safely to shore! He sold the boat a few weeks later. He had reached a point in his life where no expensive new toy was better than piece of mind and a lighter load of obligation! 

How to Go Ocean Racing with No Money

Are you interested in taking part in a serious sailing event? I certainly was, and have been since I was very young.

I don’t know why but I’ve always loved sailing, I started when I was 6 and am still sailing. I suppose it got in my blood somehow or other and I’ve never been able to get rid of it.

I started in a small yacht called a sabot. It’s not small really, it’s tiny. It’s only 6 feet long, won’t take any more than one person, well one child anyway, has one small sail and is the perfect way for a young child to learn how to sail.

After a couple of years of sailing my tiny sabot I graduated. I went from that to a Mirror. A Mirror is a slightly larger wooden sailing dinghy with 2 sails, a jib and a mainsail. It requires 2 people and so you have a skipper and a crewman, or woman.

I began sailing the Mirror with my dad, he sailed as skipper and I did the crewing. It was a heap of fun and it wasn’t too long before I graduated from the Mirror to a dinghy all of my own, called a Cherub. That was a superfast yacht designed for speed and excitement. I spent some years sailing that, competing in various events including State Championships and national championships and learned everything there was about dinghy sailing.

But I always wanted to take part in white water sailing. You know the one, with those 60 foot ocean racing yachts. I’m sure you’ve seen images on the TV, the best of them all is probably the Volvo Ocean Race. If you go to the Volvo website, you’ll see all sorts of videos and images that will make your hair stand on end, I can’t believe how fast they go.

Ocean racing is about money

I’d love to race on one of those however I’ve found out a basic truth about Ocean racing. It’s all about money. It’s incredibly expensive and if you don’t have money you’ll never own your own ocean racer. It takes millions of dollars to compete.

So I became an ocean racing cook

So I found a different way to get involved in ocean racing, though I haven’t yet got on one of the Volvo boats. I learnt to cook, and joined in as a crewman who did the cooking rather than the sailing. That’s fine, I’m still on the boat.

It has its challenges. Try cooking for 10 men when it’s freezing cold, soaking wet and the floor is rocking from side to side. It isn’t easy. Just using basic kitchen implements is hard enough, I almost cut my arm off the other day when I was trying to sharpen my kitchen knife at night, in the dark. I’m no expert at knife sharpening but I did learn more about the importance of buying the best knife sharpener you could get here, and that’s made a big difference to my sharpening skills. I bought this one and love it.

Ocean racing is about money, but there’s always a way in if you love it. If you don’t have the money you’re unlikely ever to own an ocean racing yacht but that doesn’t mean you can’t sail on somebody else’s yacht.

Figure out a skill that you need on board a boat, cultivate that skill, hang around people who have ocean racing yachts and eventually they will put you on board their yacht to make use of your skills.

And you’re ocean racing, with no money.

How to Get Your Hands on Your Very Own Sailboat

Sailboat racing is definitely proving to be more and more popular among the youths of today. This is because many organizations have made it accessible. Gone are the days when people had to be rich in order to be able to participate in sailboat racing events. These days, people don’t have to have thousands of dollars in cash just to be able to participate in a small sailboat racing event. Through the help of so many entities, people can now just rent boats from sailboat racing organizations and participate in races organized by them. Just by taking a class or two under these organizations or by becoming a full-fledged member of them, one can now enjoy sailboat racing to their heart’s content.

Unfortunately, though, paying for one’s regular membership at such organizations can still prove costly, and sometimes, buying one’s own sailboat still is the best option. For this reason, many people are still intimidated by sailboat racing. Not to worry though; in this day and age, it is now easy for anyone to actually fund such things. One way disadvantaged sailboat enthusiasts fund their membership is through binary options trading. As long as one makes it a point to actually work with a great brokerage, one can’t go wrong with Banc de Binary. For most sailboat racing enthusiasts, the number one binary options brokerage in the world is Banc de Binary. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that the Banc de Binary platform enables people to actually make amazing trades easily.

How does Banc de Binary’s trading platform enable people to make trades easily? For one, Banc de Binary enables people to actually contact an expert broker anytime they are in a bind. Through this binary options trading help service, Banc de Binary’s clients are able to avoid making bad trading decisions virtually all of the time. Obviously, Banc de Binary’s brokers don’t always make the best decisions, but the good they do for the brokerage’s clients far outweigh the bad decisions they make.

“My name is Milly Wheeler, and I happen to be sailboat racer. I’ve been interested in sailboat racing for about five years now, but it was only late last year when I first got my hands on my own sailboat. This is because I only discovered Banc de Binary at the time. Thanks to the fact that I am able to do amazing binary options trading with Banc de Binary, I was able to raise funds to buy a sailboat of my own in just a matter of months. Now, I am able to compete in the most prestigious sailboat racing events, and it’s all thanks to Banc de Binary,” Campbell told us.

If you would like to join our sailboat racing event in November, I highly suggest that you buy a new sailboat for it two months prior. Through binary options trading, this won’t be much of a problem. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a great sailboat as soon as possible. We really hope to see you in our upcoming race. Our upcoming race is definitely going to be one of the best sailboat racing events in the history of the sport.

Healing Sails: A Sailing Event for victims

The Healing Sails organization is proud to announce a day of fun and relaxation at the 2nd annual benefit for victims who have been harmed by transvaginal mesh devices. In addition to a day of sailing, we will be showcasing some of the most unique custom-made sailboats in the area. If you enjoy sailing, great food and drinks by the water, then our event is the perfect way to spend your day.

We have a fleet of specially designed boats on display this year; you and your family can see classic and restored vessels in all of their glory. On Saturday and Sunday, we let people board our boats for an unforgettable sailing trip. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a trip on one of our classic vessels.

The party begins on Friday April 4th, 2014 with a silent auction that features hundreds of donated items. We also are going to have raffles and giveaways throughout the weekend. Everyone who attends our event will get free t-shirts and some sailing gear.

Green’s Restaurant has kindly donated food for our event; they have also agreed to cover 10 percent of our drink sales. You can’t lose with free food, sailing and discounted drinks.

All of the proceeds from our event will go directly to women who have suffered injuries from faulty transvaginal mesh devices. Our charity gives women the chance to heal their body and mind after experiencing a botched transvginal mesh procedure. Our program has helped thousands of women from all walks of life recover and get on with their lives.

Some examples of defective transvaginal mesh devices include The Pelvic Mesh and the Trans Sling; these devices were used in thousands of procedures. If your life has been ruined by one of these devices, give us a call. We will do our best to help.

Transvaginal mesh devices have been shown to cause injuries in women who suffer from a pelvic organ prolapse. It’s been estimated that more than 100,000 women get one of these implants every year. It’s our responsibility to help them when big business refuses to.

In 2008, the FDA sent a caution to doctors who were implanting these devices. There were numerous reports surfacing that claimed the devices caused bleeding, pain, infections and skin breakage. Healing Sails was created to help ease the suffering of women who had undergone one of these botched surgeries. Many women are still waiting to be paid damages; while they are waiting, they don’t have access to the money required to fix their problem.

We want to change this; all the money we raise is directly donated to women who are suffering because of faulty devices. We raise money to help people directly; surgery is expensive, and we realize that everyone can’t pay for it out-of-pocket.

Our organization strives to make the world a better place. When you take part in our Healing Sails events, you make a huge difference in someone’s life. Stop by our event, relax by the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Please take a look around our site, meet our team and let us know if we can help you with anything.
For further information on these procedures, to volunteer or to make a donation, visit TransvaginalMeshDevice.com

Cleaning Your Boat in Preparation for a Regatta

Sun, sea and surf – such are the joys of sailing that the number of recreational and professional sailors are on the rise, as evidenced by the number of boats participating in regattas. But regattas are not exactly events that can be taken lightly because of their competitive nature so sufficient preparation must be made before the actual races – and it starts with cleaning your boat.

Series of Boat Races

A regatta is, indeed, an exciting event for sailors because of the opportunities it provides on so many aspects. For one thing, the series of boat races will test their skills in sailing, be it on a rowed, sailed or powered watercraft. You will not only be pitting yourself against the natural elements of water, wind and sun but you will also be competing against the best sailors from miles around!

Your knowledge and skills in sailing will be tested to their limits with each successive race yet you will still be hungry for the next challenge. After all, a true sailor is never complacent about his knowledge and skills when battling the elements to reach his destination.

For another thing, the regatta is the best opportunity to meet and greet fellow sailing enthusiasts. Keep in mind that regattas are usually planned around social and cultural events that add excitement on and off the water, thus, making these sailing events family-friendly affairs. Bring your family along and let them enjoy the ride in more ways than one!

Sufficient Preparations Essential

But before joining the regatta, you must also prepare your boat by cleaning it. Why clean it, you may ask, when its most important quality at sailing races is its speed?

First, the regatta is also an opportunity to show off the beauty of your boat – and we all know that beauty starts with cleanliness. So, get your boat to sparkle in the sun and draw the admiration of passers-by and fellow sailors.

Second, the speed performance of your boat will partly depend on its cleanliness. Think of the way that grease, grime and barnacles, among other undesirable objects, on the hull can adversely affect the boat’s speed as it plows through the water. You want its hull to be as streamlined as possible, which means as little undesirable objects as possible.

Third, your performance during the races – and the performance of your crew, for that matter – will also partly depend on the organized cleanliness of the deck. You and your crew can move around faster and easier with a clean deck, find sailing tools faster and easier with an organized deck, and generally just enjoy a safer environment.

You must indeed clean your boat from its exteriors to its interiors before each regatta! Here are tips to do so.

  • Hire a dumpster for putting out all of the junk in your boat. There are different sizes to choose from depending on your needs, so click here to find out more. You can then immediately throw away the junk instead of transferring these items into another container. Here is a useful informative resource about dumpster rental – Dumpster Rental Zone.
  • Start cleaning the interiors and exteriors of the boat. Throw away the trash in the garbage cans, on the deck and on the hull. Wipe the surfaces (e.g., windows, doors and controls) with the appropriate cleansers and fresh water as well as dry cloth like chamois.
  • Clean the water line and hull. Keep in mind that these are visible, too, so you may as well keep these parts clean for aesthetic purpose.

Ultimately, your boat – which may well be one of your most treasured possessions – will not only be clean but will be ready for the race!

Why You Should Stay in Sailing Competition Shape Year Round

As a sailor you may often ask yourself “how are my fitness levels holding up?” Depending on what part of the world you’re from and do your sailing in, you may have an off and on season. I’ve seen far too many sailors use their off season to abuse their bodies and forget about their reputations until only weeks before it’s time to hit the sails again. I’m here to tell you that there is a much better way to manage your off time and why you should stay fit as a sailor – especially if you’re a part of any big competitions.

I can be and have been as lazy as the next person, but I believe in working hard, playing hard and resting hard as well. Despite this frame of mind however, sometimes we slip and over-indulge in any one of these areas and to be a part of the elite sailing class, you’re going to need to drop any bad habits when it comes to hindering your cardiovascular and fitness performance. There are several workout supplements I recommend to take in conjunction with a good exercise plan. I will just quickly mention in this article some exercises and ways you, as a competing sailor, can keep yourself in top-notch shape even during the off seasons.

One of the best forms of exercise to keep you toned up and in shape is a CrossFit. It is guaranteed to mix up all the various ability sets for sailing that you will need. It is very intense and yet can be very fun. Quite often you can do the CrossFit and wake up the next day feeling as though you targeted muscles you never knew you had before. The CrossFit can be incorporated with Olympic style weight-lifting and gymnastic exercises that will keep it fresh for you. If you work-out better with a trainer then that might be the better way for you to go. Either way, you’re going to find this exercise to be very adept at what it was specifically designed for.

Running and cycling are of course two of the most simple yet effective exercises you can use to accomplish your goals of keeping your sailing muscles chiseled and ready at anytime for the new sailing season. Never underestimate the power of simplicity. I’m more of an outdoor kind of person as opposed to being stuck inside where bike and running equipment just don’t suffice for me. Besides, if you have a family like me, why not make them a part of the program as well? They need to be in shape as much as I do, too. If you want to get competitive while exercising then you might even organize a bicycle race with some aggressive friends. Putting together a 5km contest will keep you in tune with the atmosphere of competition and at the same time help you enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

Don’t fall victim to procrastination in the off seasons. Stick to a very regimented diet, fitness plan (including supplements when needed) and try to keep a steady rate of cardio workouts going and you will reap the benefits later.

Choosing The Best Motor For Your Boat


There are lots of things to think about when picking an outboard motor for your boat. You have to decide if you want a 2-stroke motor or a 4-stroke motor, the size and horse power, the steering system, and even the brand of outboard motor. It is rather important to pick the right motor for your watercraft or you will be extremely dissatisfied in the performance.

2-stroke vs. 4-stroke

A 2-cycle motor is a motor where there is no oil in the crankcase; it only uses 2 strokes of the piston, or 2 revolutions of the crankshaft to produce a power stroke, whereas a 4-cycle motor takes 4 actions to create a power stroke. 2 cycle engines have a greater power to weight ratio and also have substantially fewer moving parts, hence making them lighter and more effective that their 4-cycle brothers. This is exactly what makes them more suitable for watercraft motors. 4 stroke motors on the other hand, are easy to run, and do not need an unique mixture of gas and 2-cycle oil to fuel them.

Horse power

When choosing the horsepower for the motor you want to place on your watercraft, the first thing to do is examine the optimum horse power your boat is rated for. You typically wish to get the optimum or near maximum horsepower for your watercraft or you will be substantially dissatisfied. If your outboard motor is significantly underpowered, not only will you be disappointed, however your outboard will most likely be overworked, which will shorten its life substantially. The general school of thought is to obtain as near the maximum horse power score for your watercraft.Choosing The Best Motor For Your Boat



The type of steering for the motor you need actually relies on the kind of boat you have. You can get an outboard motor with a hand throttle and a shaft for guiding if your boat has no helm. If you have a boat with a wheel, you have to get the type of motor that can be used with this type of boat. Again, the kind of steering is always based on the sort of boat you have, so be cautious when searching for your motor.

Inboards have a transmission that connects to a drive shaft. The drive shaft runs to the back of the watercraft and through the transom and a propeller is straight connected to the shaft, which will turn and move the watercraft. Because the shaft is fixed and does not swivel around, there is a rudder is mounted behind propeller to provide guiding to the vessel. These vessels will have more moving parts which means more money to be spent on them. Visit the transmission repair guide for more info on transmissions.

When getting an outboard motor, you need to always try to take full advantage of the power you get for your boat while keeping your spending plan in check. You also do not want to go and buy a new $10,000 motor for a $300 boat. These are the important points to think about when its time to pick an outboard motor.

Tips On Getting A Watercraft Loan

Getting from A to B on the ocean is one of the oldest methods of getting around. Over the centuries, sailing has played a vital part and duty in the development and progress of civilizations in various lands. Mostly, these enormous sea vessels were developed and used for long voyages and discoveries into far off lands however as the years progressed, the bulk of these maritime cars are developed for travel and leisure. A boat loan is something that is now generally provided by many lenders, many specifically in nations that are blessed to be surrounded by the ocean.Tips On Getting A Watercraft Loan

Boating is a well-loved and common pastime that is mostly associated with people coming from the privileged part of the society. This is because of the fact that yachts are really costly to say the least . On the other hand, this much valued leisure activity can now be pretty much enjoyed by practically everyone considering that there are now financial organizations that are willing to help people who wish to own and operate their own vessel. If you are one of these people, here are some things you ought to think about prior to making an application for a watercraft loan.Also if you want to learn more about getting a smaller loan, than look at getting a quick cash loan

1. There are a great deal of public firms and economic sectors in the market that provide this sort of credit. In spite of the fact that they would all provide similar offers, these organizations would certainly have their own type of finance plan. And because of this, it is going to be useful for you to initially compare their offers in order to get the very best rate for you.

2. In order to attain this, requesting a quote from various cash lending facilities is most likely going to be the best decision for you to make. When getting the quote, make sure to discuss with a representative the benefits and drawbacks of their different packages with you. Your conversation should basically cover essential elements such as how long your repayments will be on the money you are borrowing, just how much and exactly how often you ought to be paying, in addition what will the interest rate be.

3. Understanding your financial condition is probably the most essential thing you must consider prior to getting boat finance. These organizations make it a point to examine the financial history of their clients for them to be guaranteed that they are going to pay their debt. Hence, having a steady job and income source is definitely an included bonus.

A lot of loan providers will be happy to give you a boat loan. Simply remember, they been around so they are looking out for their best interests and not necessarily yours. But these boat loan providers
Want to keep their clients so if you make it clear that
you are looking around, they’ll start taking a look at creating
a boat loan offer that works well for you.

The importance Of Sunscreen

The importance Of Sunscreen

The importance Of Sunscreen

As someone that is on the water a lot iv’e come to realize that, at my tender age, wearing sunscreen is important to the longevity of my skin, theirs nothing worse than walking onto a beach and seeing leatherette walking around everywhere. Its simply more important than the discomfort of being sweaty or feeling greasy.So even if there are tons of clouds everywhere and you cant see the sun anywhere, still slap on the sunscreen, UV radiation still penetrates the cloud layer.

Another massive plus is the fact that skin cancer is an ever present threat, and exposure to the sun, can trigger this and probably will if not managed properly. Researchers have found that excess exposure to the sun, in particular UV radiation can actually impede the bodies ability to maintain its immune system. So most importantly you want to wear a sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 15, SPF is calculated by how long it takes for redness to be created on your skin without using sunscreen against without using sunscreen. If you have a lighter skin, than use a stronger or higher SPF rating, make sure that the sunscreen is both UVA and UVB resistant, and if you’re swimming, use waterproof sunscreen as it wont come off. Putting the sunscreen cream on, is not difficult, but just in case , here’s how. Apply liberally to all parts of your body that will be exposed, at least 15 to 30 minutes before going out into the sun, this will ensure that your body will have enough time to absorb and benefit from the cream. Putting the cream on in a regular pattern, as you lose it will also help you to not get burnt. Make sure to apply to apply it to your dark spots as well as your dark spots will get more pronounced. If they do, than you can invest in a dark spot remover, which i have used to great success. Try my home made sunscreen recipe.

225 Soybean or Sunflower oil

25 Grams of Emulsifying wax

25 grams of Zink Oxide(The most important bit)

So simply mix all the ingredients properly and store the sunscreen in a cool place when not in use.




How Google Can Benefit You

Google is broad and useful

So where have you learnt much of your knowledge? Experience? TV? the Internet? Funnily enough, it is actually the web that educates and teaches at least 80% of the worlds population and a least 90% of the worlds youth. Its no wonder then that the saying, “Just Google it” came about. Truly the Google search engine is far superior to most engines, and out strips Bing and Yahoo, predominant players in the search engine field. So what makes Google such an excellent tool? Well it has to do with relevant results at the right time. Put simply if someone can find what they came looking for , they will come back for more, and this is what the engineers and minds behind this revolutionary company have been working for.

When i do research or follow one of the hundreds of boating sports i follow i usually will hop onto the net and have a look. Fast efficient and with the power to have knowledge and information at the tip of ones fingers, this is a massive plus for me and for i’m sure thousands of other web users. So how does Google actually work? Well its a long story, but if you would like to know, why not Google it! If you would like to make your homepage Google, than visit this resource to find out more, Make Google my homepage.

One of the most memorable times iv’e had was a time when a friend was bitten by a sea snake,  heading out onto the water with my brothers 4.5m rubber duck(inflatable dingy), we were going to do some spearfishing off a reef about 1km out to sea, after diving and shooting a couple of fish, my friend gets bitten by a sea snake, which is massively poisonous and potentially lethal, thankfully we were able to find out which snake it was after Googling it and were able to then let the paramedics and health professionals know and to get him airlifted quickly and dealt with effectively, he made a full recovery after almost a month in hospital.



What You Need To Know About Boat Insurance

Boat owners face lots of costs associated with owning a nice vessel. Of course there is the initial purchase of the boat, the maintenance, the gas, and other related costs. But what is the one thing most owners forget about? Insuring their vessel from damage. Boat insurance, like car insurance, is similar in many ways with a few exceptions. And these exceptions will vary from state to state, so check with your local insurance agent for specific details.

Am I Required to have Boat Insurance?

If you have a loan against your boat then the answer is yes. Just as it is with any secured loan the lien holder requires the owner to have insurance. In this case the boat is collateral, and until you payoff the loan, you must have boat insurance.

There are no states that we have found that require boat owners to have insurance.

What Coverages Do Insurance Companies Sell for Boats?

The basic boat insurance covers your boat and contents, e.g., fishing equipment, generators, skis, and any other things you might have when boating.

There are other considerations when owning a boat, they are:

- Towing options
- Uninsured boaters coverage
- Wreckage removal
- Outside the country coverage
- Liability insurance
- Personal item replacement insurance

If you tow your own boat, covering your trailer is a must. Insurance companies are very specific about the difference between boat insurance and trailer coverage, and if your trailer breaks down, boat insurance by itself won’t cover your trailer.

How Much Liability Insurance Should You Have?

Most insurance companies recommend at least $100,000 of coverage. The amount of liability insurance you should get will depend on the personal assets at risk, if and when an accident occurs. Click here for a great overview of what exactly liability insurance is, and what it covers.

This is a discussion you should have with your insurance agent, and even your accountant. Some states have a cap on how much a person can be sued for per each event; you may only have to get coverage to meet the cap for your state.

Boat Insurance Costs

Like most insurance, you should shop around to compare prices. It’s difficult to give figures for costs because there are too many factors involved, but here are some of the factors that influence boat insurance premiums:

- Type of boat
- Age
- Size
- Condition
- Deductibles
- Boating area (lakes, rivers, ocean)
- Your driving record

There’s one other thing that some insurance companies give discount for, and that is boating safety education. No understand that boat insurance is much like life insurance in that there are specials everywhere. For instance, you can get life insurance that is affordable based on your age, occupation, and income and the same is true for boat insurance. The key here is to shop around and obtain multiple quotes for coverage.

Some companies will give a discount if the owner completes a safety course approved by the NASBLA. Some of these course are also available online, so you take this course in the comfort of your own home.

Most major insurance companies sell boat insurance. Like any insurance you buy, you want to make sure the insurance company will pay in your time of need. Make sure the insurance company your choose is highly rated, and buy enough coverage to protect the value of your boat and personal possessions.

The REST Super Sailing Regatta

The REST Super Sailing Regatta is one of the premiere family focused sailing regatta’s in Western Australia. It was established in 1998 and since 2001 has been sponsored by the top rated superannuation fund REST Super. The event is held in early January each year and more than 300 people and 25 boats compete for the line honors and handicap event. The fleet begin the journey on the far south coast of Western Australia and complete the journey in Perth. This is a relatively short race, but many aspiring sailors have cut their teeth in this event.

Entry is open to all and everyone from the luxury yacht owner through to the inexperienced deck hand is welcome to join the race. It is important to complete the registration for the race as soon as possible to ensure that you will have a spot. Families are encouraged to apply and there is a prize awarded for family entrants. The event is also open to spectators and the race organizers encourage powered craft with spectators to mingle with the fleet, providing they maintain a safe distance from the boats in the race. Spectating on land is also common and there are many great spots along the Western Australian coastline for watching the race.

Family atmosphere
The REST Super Sailing Regatta is one of the best family sailing events in the country and last year there were more than 10 families competing in the race. The event prides itself on its family atmosphere and the pre and post race events are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. There are lots of free entertainment options for the whole family and this is what really makes this a race such an attractive option for families. These events are also professionally catered and showcase some of the best foods that this region of Western Australia has to offer.

Despite the family atmosphere there is also plenty of friendly rivalry and competition during the race itself. The winner of each category is presented with a wonderful trophy and there are many cash prizes also on offer. You don’t have to win the race to win a prize either, as there are plenty of lucky draw prizes and alternate prizes during the event. The winner of the race is also granted entry to some of the larger sailing regatta’s and this is an added bonus for the entrants. This event is also gaining in prestige and it is expected that the number of boats competing in this event will continue to rise in the coming years.

The REST Super Sailing Regatta is a really great event and, although it is clearly overshadowed by some of the larger sailing regatta’s in terms of prestige, it is one of the best run events in the country. Whether you are an owner of a yacht and want to enter the race or simply someone interested in learning more about sailing then this is the event for you. I hope to see you all there early next year.